Monday, June 11, 2007

Drumming and Healing Resources

Here is a list of recommended resources on drumming and healing:

Diallo, Yaya and Hall, Mitch. The Healing Drum: African Wisdom Teachings. Destiny Books, 1989.

Diallo, Yaha. The Healing Drum: African Ceremonial and Ritual Music (Audio CD). Destiny Recordings, 1994.

Diamond, John, MD. The Way of the Pulse – Drumming with Spirit. Enhancement Books. Bloomingdale IL. US. 1999.

Friedman, Dorian, Drumming to the rhythms of life. U.S. News & World Report; 06/09/97, Vol. 122 Issue 22, p17, 1/2p, 1c

Friedman, Robert Lawrence. The Healing Power of the Drum, White Cliffs Media, Reno, NV, 2000

Longhofer, Jeffrey and Floersch, Jerry. African drumming and psychiatric rehabilitation. Psychosocial Rehabilitation Journal; Apr93, Vol. 16 Issue 4, p3, 8p

Doyle, Mabry. Drumming and Wellness. The Birthing of Rhythmaculture.

Mikenas, Edward E. Drumming on the Edge of Leadership: Hand Drumming and Leadership Skills for the New Millennium.
Percussive Notes. February 2003.

Redmond, Layne. When the Drummers Were Women. Three Rivers Press, New York, NY 1997

Robertson, Ian H. Mind Sculpture:Unlocking Your Brain’s Untapped Potential. Fromm International. New York, NY, 2000.

Slotoroff, C. Drumming technique for assertiveness and anger management in the short-term psychiatric setting for adult and adolescent survivors of trauma. 1994. Music Therapy Perspectives, Special Issue: Psychiatric music therapy. Vol 12, Issue 2. p. 111-116.

Stevens, Christine. Should Drums Be Sold in Pharmacies? 2001. Percussive Notes.

Thompson, April. Beating Chronic Illness: Drumming offers a sound addition to modern efforts to ease pain. Science and Spirit Magazine, September-October, 2001,

Winkelman, Michael. Complementary Therapy for Addiction: Drumming Out Drugs. American Journal of Public Health; Apr2003, Vol. 93 Issue 4, p647, 5p

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