Monday, June 11, 2007

Reaping the Benefits of Drumming

How do you take full advantage of the amazing benefits of African drumming? Trying to learn from books and CDs without a teacher is frustrating. At the beginning, most of us don’t have the discipline to drum alone, day after day. You really need a good teacher.

A workshop can be a great way to get a taste of drumming. And most teachers offer a single-class trial rate and special rates for multiple classes.

Djembe classes are advertised in many places, but they vary widely in quality. It takes a minimum of six different parts to comprise one djembe rhythm, including the main three parts, played on large stick-played drums: sangba, kenkeni, and dunnun. You don’t get the full effects by playing just one or two parts. You need to learn the whole rhythm.

Studying with an authentic African drum master like Houston’s Baba Abubakr Kouyate is the best way to get the absolute most from drumming.

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