Sunday, December 9, 2007

Healing With Sound in a Group | Blog Your Blessings

Last night I worked with a group of people on healing with sound. We drummed together, journeyed to the recorded sound of the didgeridu and click sticks, and then played Tibetan bowls and bells together.

For several people, almost all of that was a completely new experience. Others were old hands. All had a wonderful time.

We were a diverse group of AfroAmerican, EuroAmerican, Native American, Asian, and Middle Eastern heritage. We ranged in age from twenties to sixties. We came from a variety of professions and religious backgrounds.

All were people of good will, seeking to learn and grow as human beings and to learn ways to help others. At the end, we gave thanks for what we had learned and experienced, and for each other.

Experimenting with sound for healing is a wonderful blessing for all who participate. It is especially enlightening for experienced healers who are looking for new ways to serve others and the Earth. Try it!

And then, please come back and leave a comment, telling us about your experience.


CyberCelt said...

Sounds wonderful. There is something very zen like in the sound of drums. Like the heartbeat of the Earth. Happy BYBS.

Blue Panther said...

Using sound for healing sounds very interesting, but I have never tried it. Maybe some day in teh near future...

Paulie said...

Maybe that's why MOTHERS sing to their babies to sooth them?

My post is late as I forgot to take it off draft until last night --was gone all day. If you care to read mine, I used specific words for my blessing this week.

SandyCarlson said...

This does sound interesting. I attended a Buddhist meditation once during which our teacher used a bell to begin and end it. I recall hearing for the first time all the subtle changes in the sound as it drifted across the room. Truly amazing stuff. God bless.

Regina Avalos said...

Sounds great. I know music helps me.