Sunday, December 30, 2007

Sharing Sound Worldwide on the Web | Blog Your Blessings!

Sound is impossible to capture with words. If I can come up with a similar sound that you have heard before, you can perhaps recall that and have an idea what I'm talking about. But basically nothing substitutes for hearing the actual sound.

Luckily we have sound on the Web, so I can post a video, like the group of videos on djembe drumming and the group on Tibetan bowls in the right-hand column of this blog, and you can hear the sounds on your computer. Or I can refer you to clips from recordings on Amazon, for example.

I could even make a recording of drumming or throat-singing and post it on this blog (or elsewhere) for you to hear. That's a tremendous blessing! And I will be doing that in the future (gotta find that microphone...).

For now, here's a link to a page on that has clips from the recordings of the wonderful Tuvan group, Huun Huur Tu. They incorporate Tuvan traditional instruments, rhythms, and throat-singing in their music for a sound like no other.


Paulie said...

Yes, it is a blessing to be able to hear -- not just everyday things but in the electronics world also.

Happy New Year!

CyberCelt said...

Thanks for sharing. I find your blog fascinating... a look into a world I did not know existed.