Sunday, December 23, 2007

Sound Draws Us Together | Blog Your Blessings

I'm blessed to live in a large, multicultural city. So many cultures, religions and traditions are represented here. You could be out every night at this time of year, celebrating at some winter festival or other, listening to wonderful music and healing sounds from every inhabited continent.

One of the great things about a modern multicultural city is that people get to meet each other. We don't just stay home in our own parts of town. Through the great blessings of and it's very easy to promote events that draw people from all kinds of backgrounds. It is also easy to find people who share your interests---or to learn about theirs.

Last year a Mormon church needed African drummers for their very professional and lovely Christmas program, "Christmas Around the World." They found my drum teacher, Abubakr Kouyate, through a Google search. (His name dominated the first page of results for our city, partly because of our group notices on and

The students who went with our African-born teacher to perform included an artist from Singapore, an exchange student from Indonesia, a naturalized Texan of Indian descent from Mauritius, as well as African Americans and EuroAmericans. We were Muslims, Buddhists, and Hindus as well as Christians. We had a fine time!

This year our teacher performed in the Houston Christmas Revels (a professional production) where he was able to share the healing power of drumming while representing the African people who settled in Appalachia.

There are many ways to share the power of healing sounds. I'm grateful for all the opportunities offered by a big, multicultural city such as Houston. How about you?

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SandyCarlson said...

This is a wonderful post, and a wonderful reflection on the creative potential of sound in creating community. God bless you.