Sunday, January 20, 2008

Drum, Dance and Dream for Peace | Blog Your Blessings

Sound can be used to heal the Earth and all peoples as well as to heal individuals. We often forget that. Research shows that sound can heal or harm animals and plants as well as humans.

On June 25, 2007, a group called Drum, Dance and Dream for Peace held the "largest drum circle in the world" in Washington, D.C., on the National Mall as part of the World Children's Festival. Find out more at

Groups at various places all over the world held simultaneous drum circles as part of that event. I can't tell from their website whether they plan to do it again this year, but I hope they do.

It's a beautiful idea. Let's drum for the Earth. Whether we all do it on the same day or not doesn't really matter. Let's just do.

This year in March a group in Virginia is staging a similar event. I received the following email this week, and I'm working with a local shop owner to see if we can hold one here in Houston on the same day.

Greetings, White Cranes, my name is Blake. I'm the organizer
for the Richmond Virginia drum circle meetup. I'm putting the
word out to all the drum and dance meetup groups on here asking
for help for a special event we are having here in our town.

Our winter meetup spot is at a great club/social gathering
place called the Camel. On Saturday March 15, they are hosting
an all day, sunrise to sunset drum-a-thon, featuring drummers
and dancers from our area (and or course, our drum circle has a
spot, too!). This is a fundraiser for the non-profit Richmond
Peace Education Center.

I'd like to ask your group to drum along with us that day to help raise energy and positivity. Can you imagine thousands of drummers across the country AND Canada drumming together for a peaceful cause? YES! Just the thought
is exciting.

Feel free to check our meetup site and email me with any questions or comments or whatever. Hope you have a great meetup next Thursday and PEACE AND LOVE to you and yours! Richmond Peace Education Center The Camel, our winter oasis

* If you'd like to see the Meetup profile for Blake, visit:

So now you have all the information to contact Blake if you would like to organize a drum circle for March 15 in your own community.

People who care about the Earth and who gather to heal her with sound. Now that is a blessing!


SandyCarlson said...

This is an interesting idea. Thanks for telling us about it. God bless.

Marjo said...

right that you are. i play music whenever i feel sad or gay and frustrated or need to calm my senses or when i have to decide on something. likewise i play music whenever my kids can't sleep or my 5 year old daughter has difficulty memorizing some stuff in school. you know i really find music so helpful. thanks too for the addendum.

kuanyin333 said...

Great idea...mahalo for sharing! And Happy BYB Sunday! I just discovered your blog today.