Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sound-Healing Cyber-Sangha | Blog Your Blessings

One of the best things about blogging turns out to be the people you meet because of it. I am astonished by and grateful for all the people who comment here or contact me by email about sound healing.

I live in a big city, and while I have met many healers, I rarely meet others who deliberately use sound for healing. So it really helps to have a community on line to talk with. It reminds me of the Buddhist concept of sangha---a group of like-minded practitioners who help and encourage each other along the path.

Through I was contacted by someone who was organizing a drumming for peace event in Virginia. That led me to a group that had organized a similar national event. I introduced them, and now I'm part of a group that discusses drumming and dreaming of world peace. Some of them have studied with my favorite author on the use of dreams for healing.

Through BlogCatalog (an active online support group for bloggers) I found the Blog Your Blessings movement. Talk about supportive! Blog Your Blessings keeps me posting week after week instead of letting things slide.

Best of all are the thoughtful and thought-provoking comments, public and private. They are both encouraging and inspiring. I feel truly blessed to have found a sort of cyber-sangha, people who work together on the web and off line, using sound for healing.

Best wishes for the week ahead.


Paulie said...

Blog Your Blessings Sunday meme is a double blessing for me. It gives me a chance to focus on my own blessings and acknowledge the God Who provided them AND to share in the blessings of others as encouragement for my daily walk. AND maybe it is a triple blessing since some who read our blogs and don't participate read of the blessings too. How great our God is!

Rain Gray said...

Namaste, White Cranes:

Looking forward to more of your upcoming blogs. I'm hoping you'll share your knowledge and experiences of Tibetan singing bowls!

Dar Shan said...

Namaste Brother & Sister Sound Meisters. Blessings you say! I too resonate with that. Please add The Gong to your list of Healing Tools. As a sacred Shamanic Drummer I would be interested to see if your can see that I use the gong in a similar way; to induce a trance to empower the listener / experiencer to journey or dream their healing and their adventure. I love too that you represent the toning community and I look forward to the day we can all cyber-tone together in our cyber-sonic temple. Blessings of
Dar Shan.