Sunday, May 4, 2008

Music and Sound in the Healing Arts | BYB

John Beaulieu, the author of Music and Sound in the Healing Arts, discovered for himself the energy and power of sound for healing. Beginning as a little boy of 6 years old, he noticed that certain songs he played on the piano had the power to calm his family, to defuse tense situations, even to prevent fights.

Later, as a professional musician on tour, he played many musical genres, from classical and jazz to country and pop. He noticed time and again that even the same song, played different ways, with different energy, could be used to affect the audience deeply in very different ways. The energy in the music could cause the audience to do whatever the musicians wanted: eat more, buy things, dance, calm down, and so on.

Then Beaulieu became a therapist in a hospital and began to experiment seriously with the use of sound as energy for healing the body and mind. He went back to school and became a doctor of naturopathy. And his successful work with patients drew the attention of physicians and other therapists.

Music and Sound in the Healing Arts is a brief book, packed with facts, diagrams, exercises and the genuine experience of a gifted intuitive with a professional credentials. It describes his work and his discoveries and tells how to use tuning forks, voice (toning) and all kinds of music to heal the mind and the body.

This is a beautiful little book, and I highly recommend it. Personally I feel blessed to have found it.

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