Sunday, May 18, 2008

Seeing Sound: Harmonic Overtoning | BYB

Last Saturday was the monthly Meetup of my group that works with sound for healing.

We always use rattling and chanting to break up and reform the energy in the workspace for our purposes, and we always use drumming, which in itself is healing. However, sound is not always the main focus of the healing work we do.

But last Saturday we were doing psychopomp work. We were guiding the souls of the dead, especially those who had died unexpectedly with no one to properly mourn them.

To do that kind of work, calling the spirits of the dead who may not yet realize that they are dead, and calling the spirits of loved ones or spiritual figures to come and escort them to the other world, we use an ecstatic trance posture. (See the work of Felicitas D. Goodman, Ph.D., for more info on that.) The psychopomp trance posture requires toning or wailing to call the spirits.

In preparation for the work, we did a little bit of practice with harmonic toning---not that harmonic overtoning was required for the work, but it is especially effective. And doing harmonic toning is also very healing for those who do it.

We spent 30 minutes in the posture, toning (or wailing) to call the spirits. It was a moving experience, as it always is. This time, though, was especially rewarding in a different way.

One of the healers, Lyn Clark, who trained for several years with South American shamans, was able to psychically See the sound. At the times when we were successful in creating harmonics, she saw the sound as light. And she saw us weaving strands of that light into a huge cube. What a blessing to share with us!

Lyn has worked with us many times before, and has done that same kind of work with us several times. But we had never toned harmonically while doing that work. (We just wailed.) And so she had never seen that particular vision.

You can be sure that we will be working even more with harmonic overtoning in the future!


CyberCelt said...

This is powerful work you do. I watched the drummers film strip--neat sounds.

Keep drumming and leading lost souls, there are so many out there after the last two disasters.

Angels around you.

Paulie said...

It must be a blessing to do such work.