Friday, September 12, 2008

Poll: 92% Believe Music Is Healing

In the Polls section of a site called Care2, about living lightly on the earth, I ran across poll results showing that 92% of those who took the poll believe that music can be healing.

The people who took the poll may not be representative of the public at large. They tend to recycle, care about peace, and be concerned with water and wildlife conservation and the environment. 

Even so, it was by far the most definitive poll on the Care2 site (and I took dozens of them, just because they are interesting and fun). Most of the poll results were about what you would expect from a well-educated, green-leaning audience. Pretty sensible and often pretty evenly divided on issues.

But almost everyone believes that music can be healing. I find that very encouraging. How about you?


kuanyin333 said...

Ever hear of Solfeggio? Indeed, some music is more healing than other music--especially heavy metal. :-)

I am the BeatMaster said...

Much love from a Bucket Drummer