Sunday, November 16, 2008

Intention and Sound Healing

Since I reviewed the book, 7 Secrets of Sound Healing by Jonathan Goldman, I've been thinking. One of the main points of the book, almost the main idea in the book, is that intent is the most important element in healing.

All right, that is true in energy healing. And sound healing is, I guess, a form of energy healing. But what about all the medical research that shows that certain speeds of steady, unison drumming cause specific changes in brain waves?

Of course, Goldman is talking mainly in terms of assigning various notes to various ailments or parts of the body, or the idea that certain genres of music are healing, while others are not. His point is that the right note to heal one person of a specific problem might not be the right note to heal another person with the same problem---or even the same person at a different time.

So maybe the medical research does not invalidate what he is saying. But i wonder.

If you work with sound healing, especially if you have read 7 Secrets, what do you think?

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