Monday, April 20, 2009

Drumming to an Ancient Beat

I love radio and TV stories that feature African drumming, and I thought you might, too. My teacher, Abubakr Kouyate, is often on the radio or TV, but normally it is a complete surprise, and most of us miss it.

Recently, however, one of our Thursday night classmates, Melissa Galvez, a reporter for KUHF radio, did a feature on the class, called Drumming to an Ancient Beat. The feature aired on KUHF on April 16.

KUHF had recently done a feature on drumming as therapy for Parkinson's disease, and this was a followup story on the benefits of drumming. (I will find and post the link the Parkinson's story, too, if I can.)

Melissa recorded some clips of Abubakr and parts of the class and she interviewed a few students afterward. 

You can hear and download the audio file and also read and print the transcript here:\

(To download the audio files, scroll to the bottom.)

Melissa did a fabulous job, even mentioning Temples Gate, the shop that hosts the class, in the lead-in and providing a link to Abubakr's web site,

Thanks, Melissa! (And thanks to KUHF for making the recording and transcript available on their web site.)

I hope this inspires other radio or TV reporters to do their own stories on the mental and physical health benefits of

So please checke it out. I don't know how long features like this remain available on the KUHF web site. If you like it, download it while you can.

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