Sunday, January 6, 2013

Auctions of Drums, Gongs, Tibetan Bowls, Recordings, Other Sound Healing Items

The cost of good quality drums, gongs, Tibetan bowls, recordings and other items used for healing with sound can really add up. But there is a website where you can buy them at auction for pennies on the dollar---with no risk.

The DealDash auction site will give you all your bids back if you don't win your first auction. It is one of those sites where you buy packages of bids, and it aims to be a fun place with fair, honest auctions where people have a good time and get great bargains.

The regular price for bids is 60 cents each (bid packages of various numbers of bids). But right now, for example, you can buy packages of bids as cheap as 13 cents. There are always special deals on for bid packages. You seldom pay full price, and there are also auctions for bid packages where they sell quite cheaply.

Today the site is offering several nice djembes, a djembe instruction course, and a bunch of beautiful Asian gongs. I also found hand bells and a variety of different kinds of chimes. (It is very easy to search the site.) Coming soon is an auction for a Tibetan bowl.

There are also CDs, books, DVDs and other items related to drumming, sound healing and so on.

This message is brought to you by our friends at DealDash.